Career continues for Bargs

Jason Bargwanna will now race alongside his son Ben during the TCR  Australia Series that hopes to resume soon.

Jason Bargwanna will now race alongside his son Ben during the TCR Australia Series that hopes to resume soon.

With a lifestyle centred around motor racing, it was no doubt written that Jason Bargwanna would someday follow in the footsteps of his father and get behind the wheel of a racing car.
Growing up west of Sydney and born into a motor racing family, Bargwanna would spend countless hours at the racetrack with his father and uncle, surrounded by the passion that would soon consume him.
“For me, the passion for motor racing really came on when I was 12 or 13. That’s when I wanted to trade my motorbike for a go kart. I guess when you’re exposed to something as a kid it generates a passion and that’s what happened for me with racing,” Bargwanna said.
Paired with his determination and positive attitude, ‘Bargs’ knew racing was something he wanted to do forever.
When he was 16, he and his father purchased a car for $1200 to race in the Formula Vee category. During this time, as an up and coming self-funded racer, Bargwanna was working at McDonald’s, the service station and the local paper shop in order to fund his racing dream.
By 1995 he had moved into the Formula Ford category where he knew he needed to impress.
He wasn’t expected to show much in the category, since his car was almost eight years older than some of his competitors, but his talent behind the wheel began to shine, and people were starting to notice.
He was consistently running in the top five against strong competitors like Jason Bright and Mark Webber. His strong showing in 1995 allowed him to gather the budget for some improvements and by 1996, he had finished second in the championship.
In 1997, Bargwanna was given the opportunity to join the Holden Young Lions program and he grabbed it with both hands. He surprised many when he put his Holden Commodore on provisional pole at Bathurst during qualifying, then solidified his position with a fifth-place finish in the top 10 shoot-out, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.
During the warm up lap on the Sunday morning he lost control and hit the wall at Forrest’s Elbow, ruining the car for the race and costing him a chance to show what he was really made of, but one person had seen enough.

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