Daldry duo set to shine when powerlifting events return

Sister and brother duo Carmen and Adam Daldry began powerlifting together after Adam's first novice event in 2016.

Sister and brother duo Carmen and Adam Daldry began powerlifting together after Adam's first novice event in 2016.

Brother and sister duo Adam and Carmen Daldry are used to competing against each other as only a brother and sister can, but now, they’re motivating each other to reach new heights in the sport of powerlifting.
In 2016, Adam came across the sport thanks to his trainer, Stefan Gregory, while he worked at Gregory’s Gym in Drouin.
“I remember in 2016 Stefan said I had good form when it came to squatting and bench pressing, and that’s sort of where it started for me. When I was younger, I was always in the throwing sports, like discus and shot put, so I’ve always had that power behind me I guess,” he said.
“My first novice competition really got me passionate about the sport, it’s very different to others, your competitors encourage you from the sidelines and help you out, it’s a really positive environment which is great,” he said.
Just like that, Adam was hooked.
During the competition, his sister Carmen attended to support him and after seeing how well Adam had done and the positive energy throughout the competition, she thought it would be good give it a go as well.
“Carmen came along to support me at my first event and then she thought it would be a good sport to try out too, so she began her journey in powerlifting with me,” he said.
Now, both Adam and Carmen are receiving invites to closed competitions, showing just how far the pair have come in the sport in the last four years.
“We were both invited to compete at the Proraw competition, it’s probably the pinnacle of powerlifting in Australia being an international meet that’s held at the Arnold Sports Festival in Melbourne. The week before it was meant to be held the lockdown rules became a reality,” he said.
While all events have either been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, it hasn’t stopped both Adam and Carmen’s workout routines, with Adam explaining that they rushed to get some gym equipment together to continue working out.

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