Lightning, flooding and trees down as storm hits region

The underpass in Warragul was flooded after storms lashed the area.

The underpass in Warragul was flooded after storms lashed the area.

A house in Warragul was struck by lightning, trees fell over roads and flash flooding was reported as storms hit West Gippsland on Wednesday night.
The VICSES said it had 16 requests for assistance across Gippsland from 12.30pm on Wednesday, with the Warragul unit attending more than one third of these calls.
Warragul SES volunteers were called to assist after a chimney was struck by lightning on a house in Montgomery St, Warragul.
The SES reported the lightning deflected to the TV aerial on the roof, causing the cables which tie the aerial down to rupture, the aerial to collapse and pulling off roof tiles.
Volunteers assisted by tarping the roof.
As up to 24mm of rain fell across the region, flash flooding was reported in Biram Dr and the railway underpass at Alfred St, both in Warragul.
In Biram Drive, one house was threatened by the torrent of water rushing down the hill. The residents and neighbours were outside with brooms and shovels trying to redirect the water when SES volunteers arrived.
Renowned for flooding, the railway underpass near the Warragul saleyards was hit by flash flooding. Crews were disappointed to see vehicles still driving through the floodwater, with one car managing to get stuck.
“Drivers need to be reminded how dangerous it is to drive through flood waters,” said Warragul SES Unit duty officer Kaylene Elliott. “It only takes 15cm of water for some cars to float, and cars were seen driving through flood water in places where it is difficult to see how deep it is.”
In addition, the Warragul unit also responded to two trees down over roads in Warragul and Drouin.

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