Crime figures climb

Latest crime statistics have revealed an 11.6 per cent increase in offences for the Baw Baw police services area.

The total number of offences increased from 3784 to 4223 for the 12 month period ending in September 2018, according to statistics recently released by the Crime Statistics Agency.

Drug offences and property crime including burglaries and thefts saw the biggest shifts with drug offences up 16.6 per cent and property and deception offences increasing 16.4 per cent.

Inspector Alison Crombie acknowledged the 16 per cent increase in drug offences in the community had a flow on effect to other crime.

“Drug use is the driver of other criminal activity in the community, whether it’s thefts from cars or petrol drive-offs.

“Police are aware there is significant drug activity occurring in the community.

“We continue to work with the divisional tasking unit to closely target drug offences.

“And we encourage community members to report suspicious activity.  It all helps to join the dots and get evidence as part of our investigations,” she said.

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