Crime decrease

Combined efforts of special operations and community assistance have contributed to driving down crime statistics in the Baw Baw police services area.

Overall crime dropped 6.3 per cent according to statistics released last week by the Crime Statistics Agency for the year ending June 30.

Baw Baw inspector Chris Major said the overall decline in crime was encouraging.

While theft and drug offences continued to be a concern, Mr Major said assaults and burglaries were trending down.

In Baw Baw, there was a total of 3879 offences, of which half were property related offences.

The rate per 100,000 population was 7955, which Mr Major said was well below the state average of 8659.

Baw Baw figures were significantly lower compared to neighbouring Latrobe police services area, where the rate was 18,883 offences per 100,000.

Mr Major admitted historic offences over the years had distorted statistics.

“But, overall it is a safe area and it’s a combination of factors with everybody contributing to reduce crimes.

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